How we doubled Wireless Logic’s lead generation through cross-channel digital marketing

1 %
increase in MQLs (YoY)
1 %
increase in SQLs (YoY)
1 %
decrease in PPC cost per MQL (YOY)

Wireless Logic are a global IoT Connectivity provider, offering solutions at the forefront of emerging technology. They were looking to increase both the volume and quality of leads from digital channels.



PPC (search, display, and paid social) were essential channels for Wireless Logic and our rebuild & growth of these accounts was behind much of our commercial success.


Our initial task was two-fold – we needed to simultaneously increase the volume of UK MQLs whilst improving the quality of these leads. Through a process of restructuring the account with tighter themes, close collaboration with Wireless Logic sales teams, and an overhaul of ad copy we achieved a record month within our first quarter, continuing to grow both MQL & SQLs then on.


Our next phase was replicating the UK growth internationally. We first adapted and localised PPC campaigns for key European markets before launching tightly targeted campaigns at a global scale. This activity grew, eventually driving success in countries across the world, including: US, Canada, Israel, India, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, among others.


We also recognised the potential of paid social & LinkedIn specifically as a channel to reach key audiences beyond search. We needed content to speak to these audiences and Curated’s Content & Channel teams worked in tandem to deliver a successful paid social approach.


A key part of Wireless Logic’s business model is creating bespoke solutions for a range of industries and sectors.


To ensure users landing onsite were able to understand how Wireless Logic could help them, we created a range of application pages targeting specific industries. This enabled us to take the user through a very tailored journey that was highly relevant to them, in addition to allowing us to optimise this section for SEO performance.


The result of this was a seamless user journey that was clear and unique.


Foundational to our work with Wireless Logic was an overhaul of the existing tracking, analytics, and reporting framework. Tracking lead generation from MQL through sales teams to contract value is always difficult but we had identified opportunities to tighten this up. Through Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, and custom dashboard building, we unified key data points and restored confidence in the reporting process. This transformed our optimisation capacities on media channels immediately and led to more informed budget allocations.


Beyond this we collaborated closely with Wireless Logic to close the gap between MQL and the wider sales funnel. This collaboration proved essential both for end-to-end reporting and for utilising the valuable insight within the Wireless Logic teams.


Our work with Wireless Logic directly led to an increase in opportunity value of over 150% YoY. This was alongside increased efficiency across the board, including a 160% decrease in PPC cost per MQL:


— 60% increase in MQLs (YoY)
— 164% increase in SQLs (YoY)
— 160% decrease in PPC cost per MQL (YoY)
— 247% increase in organic traffic (YoY)

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