How we halved Trint's cost per acquisition through content marketing

Content Strategy Content Analysis PPC
Decrease in cost per acquisition.
Increase in ranking keywords.
More position 1-3 ranking terms.
Content Strategy Content Analysis PPC

Trint is an industry-leading automated transcription platform. With an inefficient paid strategy, they were spending more than 40% of their marketing budget on a singular channel, and missing opportunities elsewhere. Our challenge was to flip this on its head.

Here's how we did it

Channel reliance

Competing in a saturated space, Trint’s marketing spend wasn’t being used to its full potential. They were spending too large a proportion on paid search, without looking into other channels as a means of driving new customer acquisition. Due to their over-reliance on paid search, there was a need to bridge short term acquisition with long term strategic pressure.

Bridging the gap

Improving the return on investment from digital channels would be vital for success. Curated first married data-driven analytics with manual research and insights. We then leveraged search query data from Google Search Console and Google Adwords, allowing our team to determine the theme — or sub-theme — of the search. We could now report on all search data by theme, rather than just keywords.

Reading the data

Thanks to our extensive groundwork research, we were able to better determine Trint’s visibility on certain key themes, and, importantly, that of their competitors. From this, and armed with search value and intent data we were able to identify high-value content opportunities for Trint. Thus helping them diversify their marketing channels.

Our processes allowed us to move away from over-focusing on rankings and search volumes, and focus on the key themes which were driving revenue — where we doubled down creating content for both paid and organic listings on search engine results pages.

Re-focusing the strategy

Building on our research, we re-planned Trint’s strategy to focus their paid search activity on areas of value, rather than wasting spend on poorly returning keywords and themes.

In order to reduce the reliance on the extremely competitive paid search channel, Curated diversified Trint’s paid channels to increase digital touchpoints across Quora, Facebook and display advertising.

Trint saw a greatly improved return on investment through digital channels. By focusing on themes and keywords which had historically converted well, as well as identifying customer pain points, we were able to provide Trint with content which was of value to their customers.

Trint saw a sharp increase in ranking keywords, with many of these in the top three listings, where we see the most traction.

  • 109% decrease in cost per acquisition via search
  • 64% increase in new users from organic search
  • 129% increase in ranking keywords
  • 96% more position 1-3 ranking terms

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