Customer-first strategies for Health and Wellness brands

From devising clinically-focused content strategies to building support communities on social, we help health and wellness brands take good care of their customers.

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Why choose us for your Health and Wellness brand?

We understand the health and wellness industry inside-out, and our team of experts offer full consultancy and strategy support using industry knowledge and research to ensure your business makes an impact—whether that’s through brand awareness, lead generation, or increasing customer lifetime value.

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“As happened to many other businesses, Covid-19 caught us off-guard whilst we concentrated on longer-term plans. Curated helped us reset that long-sighted focus on the immediate term: dealing with the ever-changing landscape whilst this (I daresay) unprecedented pandemic tightened its grip across the globe. With government guidelines and research showing new evidence daily, Curated used up-to-date search insights to help us carve a path through the noise and ensure the information that made its way onto [the Specsavers website] was fit for purpose, with the right content coming in the right context and at the right time. To paraphrase Kipling slightly, Curated managed to keep their head when all about them were losing theirs…”

— Adam Kennedy, Senior Digital Marketing Manager at Specsavers