How we made CBD oil Healthspan’s best-selling product through content marketing

Gap Analysis Content Strategy
CBD-related organic keywords in three months
Total site traffic towards CBD content
CBD Oil becomes Healthspan's best-seller
Gap Analysis Content Strategy

Healthspan is one of the UK’s leading direct suppliers of vitamins & supplements. Our challenge was to help Healthspan to be one of the first UK VMS companies to successfully bring Cannabidiol (CBD) oil to market.

Here's how we did it

Showcasing the product

In early 2018, CBD oil was starting to become a trending product area, but the controversy surrounding it meant that traditional paid advertising channels such as Facebook and PPC were closed to us. How could we get around this?

We needed a quick digital strategy which would help us to bring CBD oil to the fore, and establish Healthspan as a market leader in this space. Therefore, we focused our efforts on driving the visibility of the products through organic search.

Understanding customer needs

Curated spent time carrying out detailed keyword research to learn more about the questions being asked by potential CBD customers. The output of this research was clear: there was confusion around what the product was and whether it was legal.

People were searching for answers to questions such as ‘what is the difference between CBD and Hemp oil’, and ‘is it safe to take cannabis oil’. We could enter this space with content which targeted specific anxieties of potential customers, putting them at ease.

Mapping the landscape

To complement and validate this work, Curated also researched content across competitors and from new sites. Before determining the right pieces of content to build, we needed to understand what was already visible, and how we could help Healthspan to deliver something more unique, helpful and which would deliver an increase in sales.

Putting the research to work

This was developed into a content hub that successfully married search intent with social sentiment: addressing customer queries alongside concerns over CBD’s safety. The aim of the hub was for Healthspan to establish the brand as an informational authority on the product, improve search engine rankings, and drive more sales.

"The perfect partner to our content-led digital advertising campaign for Healthspan. A strong team who clearly have a wealth of knowledge and experience that has been vital for optimising our campaigns and meeting our business objectives. They are also a pleasure to work – dynamic, approachable, friendly and fun!"

Justin Gale

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