Consumer Discretionary Spending in 2024: How to grow your brand in a period of economic stagnation

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Threads: Meta's latest fad or a legacy in the making? 

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Consumer behaviour in a cost of living crisis

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ChatGPT: Does Human Capital Still Matter?

ChatGPT has emerged as a game changer for better business efficiency, but here's why you shouldn't forget the importance of human capital.

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Fitness gamification is the addition of game-like elements to fitness tasks. Learn more, including what the most popular gaming elements are.

The Top 8 2023 Digital Marketing Trends

From short-form video content and smaller marketing budgets to employee advocacy, we breakdown our top 8 digital marketing trends for 2023.

Marketing Strategy for a Cost of Living Crisis

The cost of living crisis is already affecting consumer behaviour and spending. Stay prepared by adapting your marketing strategy.

Wearable technology: a vision for the future

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B2B Marketing Trends 2022

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The Rise of Spiritual Wellness in Popular Culture

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Hybrid health: how health and wellness brands are having to embrace change

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Driving Footfall & Acquiring New Customers For Gyms

Discover the ways that gyms can drive footfall and acquire new customers for gyms during a global pandemic.

Testing the sh*t out of LinkedIn ads, so you don’t have to

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4 Health and Wellness Trends To Watch in 2022

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Curated and Specsavers UK Take Home 3 Awards for COVID-19 Content Campaign

With awards season in full swing, Curated are pleased to announce 3 wins in partnership with Specsavers for our work on the Covid-19 Care Hub.

Memorable Marketing: Taking a leaf out of the peacock’s playbook

Find out how Costly Signalling Theory can transform your marketing strategy and create an emotional impact for consumers.

Market Segmentation: How to Use it for Maximum ROI

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Social Listening vs Customer Insight: What’s the Difference and Why Does it Matter?

What is social listening and what does it inform you about your customers? Our Social Media Lead tells you how to use it to your full potential here.

Using Reporting As A Valuable Insight Tool & Not Just A Box-Ticking Exercise

Your reporting can be a powerful tool to surface customer insights and ultimately, drive commercial growth. Here's how to know if you're doing it correctly.

Is the Rise in Video Marketing a Worry for Content Marketers?

Now more than ever video marketing is key for brands across all platforms. But what does this rise mean for content marketers and long-form articles?

Human Behaviour Theories All Marketers Need to Know

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The Importance of Understanding and Making Use of Customer Lifetime Value

Tracking lifetime value can benefit your business. Discover how to calculate lifetime value to maximise customer retention and improve ROI.