Evaluating and validating your approach to marketing to identify what is needed to gain real competitive advantage.


Brand development and customer experience research to give you undisputed knowledge of who your customers really are, and what they really want.


Enhancing your marketing strategy with a continuous CX approach to drive consistent change.

Our promise

We curate and execute marketing strategies that delve beyond marketing and into deeper business challenges and we always strive to gain an unrivalled understanding of our client's customers. 

Our ambition goes beyond the immediate: we’re not just here to fuel success; we're driven to ensure lasting growth.

With every strategy, every decision, we aim to create a clear competitive edge, securing our clients' position of commercial excellence.
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Our proven process

At Curated we follow a three step process to Enhance your channel strategy, Expand your understanding of your customer and Evolve your marketing operations. 

We do this by pairing our extensive knowledge of key marketing channels by research, auditing and evaluating your existing strategy and channel build and bringing your customer to the forefront of all future outputs and deliverables. 

We’ll help you prioritise what is needed now to make immediate change, and what needs to happen in the long-term so we can drive consistent, incremental growth together. 

We’ll deliver immediate impact and lay the foundations for ongoing innovation, ensuring your brand remains competitive, relevant and poised for growth.  

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The first phase is all about knowing what is needed for true competitive advantage.

Here we will evaluate what is in place to get to the heart of what is working and what is not. We’ll use this information to identify the quick wins and ensure they are aligned to the commercial goals of our client’s business.

This will factor in a thorough internal and external review of the business.

What can be covered in the Enhance phase?

— Marketing discovery and prioritisation of your challenges and issues
— Strategy validation
— Micro and macro audits
— Channel effectiveness audits such as PPC or paid social
— Technical SEO audits
— Content Gap Analysis
— Media planning
— Strategic delivering planning

Sound like what you need?


The secondary phase will be to build upon the improvements driven within the business. 

These will come from a review of what competitors are doing from a marketing perspective to identify new channels and content opportunities.

What can be covered in the Expand phase?

— Micro and macro customer experience auditing
— Audience sizing
— Persona development and enrichment
— First party research
— Development of content strategies
— Content and asset creation
— Creative direction
— Website development and design
— GTM and promotional planning

Found what you're looking for?

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Circular lines that begin to evolve and change shape around the centre point.


The third phase will be built around embedding our CX philosophy within every day marketing protocol.

This includes activities and deliverables and see through the integration of a revenue operations philosophy into our client’s business.

Evolve will typically take the shape of a retained agreement, against which clear goals & objectives will be assigned.  

What can be covered in the Evolve phase?

— Campaign-led, performance or SEO and content retainers
— Ongoing content strategy covering web content, editorial and eCommerce
— Ongoing insights
— Advanced reporting and bespoke dashboard and data warehouse builds
— Channel and performance management
— Retained consultancy

Ready to make a change?

Our bespoke products

CX Framework

“CX is the process of driving incremental growth through consistent optimisation and iteration of content and channel activity, based on context, data and insight.”

In today's fast-evolving marketplace, it's imperative that brands not only meet but surpass customer expectations at every interaction. During the 'Evolve' phase we’ll be using our proprietary Customer Experience (CX) framework to guide us. This will help us make better informed decisions that always have your customer at the heart.

We have developed a 6-part steering tool to audit, assess and improve these key areas of your business in the eyes of your customer: Speed, Trust, Personalisation, Content, User Experience and Conversion.

In a digital era where customers have limitless options, a CX approach ensures that your brand will stay relevant, continue to resonate and put your customer at the front of what you do.


Assurance is Curated’s proprietary real-time data and insights tool delivered to you on a fortnightly or monthly basis with commentary, analysis and narrative, directly from our team of strategists. 

We understand the value exchange between brands and agencies has now changed. Saturation, commoditisation and in-housing are all themes that are disrupting the traditional ways of working. It is time to re-think the retainer. Have you experienced retainer fatigue? Every month is the same, delivering slow and meandering progress. Assurance is here to derail that.

Assurance can work in a couple of ways. It can be set up based on the strategy agreed from our Digital Persona, CX and Gap Analysis, enriching customer or market understanding. Otherwise, you can jump straight into our assurance process, monitoring pre-agreed themes that are important to your business, with stand out topics triggering more intense research.

Our process is simple and consists of four phases:

Observe - What is happening? Using our search, social and trend tools to monitor market dynamics and changes

Orient - Ensure the business is aware. Highlighting key topics and making the brand aware of proposed course of action

Decide - Determine the best course of action. Working with the client to decide on whether response needs to be delayed, delivered or research intensified

Act - Deliver a response to the situation. Regularly identify what course of action to take from each piece of insight