Essential Spending 2024: Navigating the New Normal at the Cost of Living Crossroads

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Cosmetic Dentistry Credentials and Case Study

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State of Eyewear: Annual Trend and Forecasting Report

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Top eCommerce UK 2023

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Male Aesthetics: Redefining the Opportunity 2023/24

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Gym and Fitness Trend Report

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B2B Credentials and Case Study

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Health and Wellness Credentials Case Study

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Sustainable Period Care: Search and Social Trends 2022

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eCommerce Credentials and Case Study

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A Guide to LinkedIn Ads: Best Practises for 2022

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Health and Wellness Report: Search and Social Trends 2021/22

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Beauty and Personal Care Trend Report: Search and Social Trends 2020/21

Consumer behaviour shifts and patterns in BPC from COVID-19 and beyond. While lockdowns have meant that consumers are spending less time socialising, they’ve still expressed an interest in looking and feeling good.

Interior Design Report: Search and Social Trends 2020/21

Consumer behaviour shifts in interior design and homeware, from lockdown DIY trends to 2021 forecasts