How we used content, community and commerce to drive digital strategy for Sweatband

Auditing Publishing Consulting
Consulted on CRM platform integration, targeting retention goals.
Supported on channel setup.
Developed a customer lead content programme, matching customers to the right products.
Auditing Publishing Consulting

Sweatband are a sporting goods store specialising in equipment & apparel for racket sports, running, yoga, and fitness training. With a spike in demand caused by lockdown and a new website launch, Curated was needed to guide on digital strategy and inform content direction.

Here's how we did it


With Sweatband launching a new site, there were two main elements to our content consultation.

Firstly, there was a need for onsite copy to be optimised along with a focus on clear product category copy & landing pages being built. This was informed by in-depth keyword mapping, optimising for PAA questions with structured data.

We also monitor trends, especially around racket sports & the priority categories for Sweatband, in order to produce brand & lifestyle led content on an ongoing basis. This allowed for Sweatband’s site to perform better SEO wise, as well as offer a greater user experience.


Along with content, we also worked with Sweatband to build communities, and integrate a CRM platform into the business which allowed for greater customer understanding & personalisation.

One part of this prioritised building Facebook groups, focusing on Racket sports as an example in which Sweatband can build a community that engage with their content & ultimately product pages.  The Integration of a CRM platform into the business allowed for Sweatband to focus on their existing community, with a specific focus on retention goals.


There was also a channel set up track as part of our work with Sweatband, with work across Google Ads, Facebook & Email.

With stock & supply being impacted by lockdowns, there was a need to push specific products, rather than a blanket approach to marketing. We set up a Facebook catalogue, along with tracking which allowed us to push individual products to specific audiences. This was supplemented with paid search campaigns in order to ensure we were maximising sales over a short period.

The introduction of a CRM and email strategy was also important in order to focus on retention, and save future costs of acquiring customers. Overall, the new Sweatband website has been a success, with the updated copy & category pages playing a large part in providing a greater customer experience.

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