Increasing revenue while reducing media spend with Become

Gap Analysis Technical SEO PPC Email Strategy Paid & Organic Social
Increased revenue whilst reducing media spend.
Decrease in cost per sale.
Increase in new customer sales.
Gap Analysis Technical SEO PPC Email Strategy Paid & Organic Social

Become Clothing supports female health and wellbeing, particularly during the menopause, with their range of specialist clothing, shapewear and bedding. Curated were brought in to improve Become’s commercial results and devise a strategy-focused marketing plan.

Here's how we did it

A customer first approach

Our initial research showed that Become had been spending large amounts on Facebook in 2019, which was not even yielding at 50% when it came to return on investment.

We realised this was too much for their audience which — despite being large — had been over-served the same sales-focused ads, which were not useful to the customer. We decided to cut spend and refocus our efforts by looking into what the customer was looking for and who they were specifically. This led to us being able to develop better content and serve customers with ad content which met their needs

As well as this, to further inform our findings we looked into conversations taking place on social channels. By understanding the pain points, and the questions being asked by our customer base, our ability to serve them useful content was greatly developed.

Developing useful content

Become wanted to be seen as more than just an online retailer — they wanted to become a reliable, accessible resource for menopausal women.

Using our Gap Analysis methodology, we uncovered a real lack of menopause content that was grounded in research without being overly-medical. Online menopause content simply wasn’t geared towards the women who were searching for the information. We developed a content strategy to launch Become’s Menopause Guide, with research-led articles designed to answer questions customers searched for and boost Become’s SEO.

Alongside this, a deep-dive into Become’s website revealed a very disjointed onsite user journey. So, we developed a UX strategy to improve the customer journey from reading content to purchasing a product, keeping CRO firmly in-mind.

Mobilising our content

While Become had spent a lot on Facebook, they had not run their paid channels effectively and we discovered a huge missed opportunity in the type of media channels being used.

In line with the customer insights and content produced, we completely revamped the content Become were serving to their audiences on search and social. Become’s pivot towards informative content being served to customers on Facebook saw engagement rate double.

Along with providing useful content to support women going through the menopause, we also completely re-developed the way in which Become acquired customers through their channels.  As our first interaction with customers was more informational than transactional, time to purchase became longer for customers. This meant that Become’s remarketing had to be tight, and unique.

Across Search, Social and Display channels we served bespoke remarketing ads, in line with the products and content customers viewed on site. We also utilised the latest ad types on Facebook to limit the friction to purchase.

Encouraging retention

As an Ecommerce brand, customer retention is equally as important as growth. However, Become wasn’t effectively using email marketing, despite having an impressive customer database.

Curated completely took over Become’s email strategy. We wrote, designed, segmented and scheduled emails to Become’s existing customer base to build brand authority and drive sales. Emails ranged from product promotions and style edits, to informative newsletters that pushed customers to onsite content.

"Become has worked with many agencies and marketing professionals in the past, but no one comes close to Curated for their ethic of embedding themselves within your business, going way above and beyond, and really pushing the business. Curated have skills across nearly every area of marketing, and had real, tangible positive impact on our businesses KPIs in a difficult new market. I’d highly recommend anyone who wants to push their marketing game on to give Curated a call!"

Adam Brooker

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