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How content marketing established Nature's Best as a trusted authority on PCOS

Content Strategy SEO Gap Analysis Content Creation
Y-O-Y increase in organic traffic
New keyword rankings fro PCOS content
Increase it monthly sales from content pages
Content Strategy SEO Gap Analysis Content Creation

Part of the P&G group, Nature’s Best are a UK-based online supplements retailer, supplying everything from essential vitamins and supplements to whole foods. Curated’s role was to help Nature’s Best improve their online brand visibility by positioning them as an authority on health and nutrition.

Here's how we did it

Finding the gap in female health

Our first challenge was to analyse the women’s health landscape in order to pinpoint our chosen area of expertise. Using our trend analysis methodology, Curated quickly identified polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) as an emerging topic within the space. More women were sharing their PCOS experiences within online forums and communities, but no key competitors were owning the conversation.

Realising this gap, Curated conducted search and keyword analysis into PCOS to identify key pain points and queries. When it comes to intimate health topics, many people feel more comfortable asking Google for advice than friends or even a medical professional, so in-depth search insight was essential for getting to the crux of what people with PCOS were experiencing.

Delivering trusted content to the audience

From this, Curated developed a PCOS content hub, using search data to create content that answered genuine customer concerns on PCOS. Subject matter ranged from articles on infertility, acne and nutrition to advising on the best natural remedies for PCOS. Importantly, all content was written and accredited by qualified nutritionists to ensure compliance with Google’s medical content guidelines.

The hub saw a huge increase in organic keyword performance, including 2nd position for ‘pcos supplements’ and 1st position for ‘pcos and endometriosis’.

Tapping into the growing online conversation around PCOS, we deployed digital PR techniques, collaborating with bloggers and influencers who experienced PCOS to build a strong web of backlinks and drive additional traffic to the hub.

Reviewing and upcycling content

After two years of organic growth, hub performance began to dip, largely due to the Google medic updates and an influx of competitive PCOS content. Understanding the importance of content upcycling, Curated deployed our “Review” framework, completing an in-depth content and SEO audit of the hub. Through implementing keyword mapping and clever content upcycling, we saw an almost immediate improvement in hub performance.

Find out more about our THINK, DO, REVIEW framework here.

Driving sales and boosting visibility

Not only did our content have a significant impact on brand and organic visibility — it also helped to assist conversions by driving new and returning customers to the Nature’s Best website. From the PCOS hub content that Curated developed, Nature’s Best saw a dramatic increase in monthly sales of relevant PCOS products.

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