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Acquiring new customers during Covid-19 uncertainty for Anytime Fitness

Paid Channels PPC
Decrease in cost per lead across all channels.
Monthly increase in leads from paid search in new prospects.
Increase in new members.
Paid Channels PPC

We worked with Anytime Fitness to help a number of their gyms across the UK who were struggling to attract new members due to Covid-19 restrictions and uncertainties. Curated were tasked with running activity across paid search channels to drive more leads through to the various.

Here's how we did it

Targetting based on intent.

Previously, the gyms were targeting cheap traffic across display networks which were generating lots of traffic, but resulting in very small to zero lead volumes.

Whilst more expensive, Curated changed tactics to focus on customers who were searching with high intent, and actively looking for gyms to join. This resulted in better ad engagement, indicated by a 54% increase in click through rate.

A localised approach

Since customers search in different ways, we broke out our PPC campaigns by the location of each gym we were targeting members for, and tailored the ad copy to reflect a more localised and personal approach.

In order to maximise intent, we made sure to prioritise on customers who were living within the vicinity of, or searching for cities where the Anytime Fitness gyms were. This allowed us to focus on those most likely to convert from prospects to paying customers, but also  allocate our budget on the most opportunistic gyms that were  in need.

Prioritising the audience to boost visibility

As well as localised targeting on high intent terms, there was a need to further tighten up who we were reaching in order to meet ambitious cost per acquisition targets.

In order to maximise the quality of paid search traffic, we added ‘in demographic’ & ‘in-market’ audience adjustments to hone in on an audience who would be more interested and ready to convert.

Find out more about our THINK, DO, REVIEW framework here.

Measuring success

This short-term project successfully enabled the gyms to get back on track.

In three months we drove a 41% increase in monthly leads from paid search channels and a 38% increase in monthly leads from digital channels (i.e. direct or organic leads which were influenced by paid search ads).

Overall, Anytime Fitness saw an increase of 44% increase in prospects for their gyms.

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