How our content strategy drove new customers for Essilor UK

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Search Analysis Content Strategy Content Creation Social

Essilor is a leading global manufacturer and wholesale distributor of optical lenses in the UK, supplying independent opticians and optometrists. There was a necessity to make independent eye care professionals (ECPs) aware of Essilor’s services and drive leads to deliver new customers for their bespoke service.

Here's how we did it

Understanding the need

Essilor’s bespoke service is designed to support independent ECPs through digital evolution, technology, sales training and innovation. A lot of independent ECPs, however, were missing out on the opportunity to grow their businesses as they simply didn’t know about these services. We needed to understand how we could best position Essilor as a solution to problem ECPs were unaware of.

Customer-first research

Curated conducted a pain-point analysis and interviews with independent ECPs. The insights collected from this, as well as our signature Gap Analysis methodology, allowed us to identify three areas of optometric business information where Essilor could dominate. We set out to position Essilor as the editorial authority around understanding the future of optics, sales advice and business or marketing information.

Building the strategy

Our strategy centred around providing independent ECPs with key business information around practice growth focusing on emotional & functional pain points. We developed content designed to pique interest in attainable growth, before prompting potential customers to seek guidance through Essilor’s bespoke services — showcasing how Essilor could help them achieve their business goals.

Keeping the focus on lead generation, we developed content to fit within a funnel framework for each optometric category: a ready-made social reach and retarget strategy for social media platforms.

Recognising success

Curated’s process resulted in Essilor creating genuinely useful and authoritative content which met the needs of ECPs. In addition, by utilising paid social channels as a lead generation vehicle, Essilor was able to comfortably exceed their goals. 29 independent UK optometry practices became marketing-qualified leads through our bespoke content and social strategy. Five of these were converted by the in-house sales team which gave Essilor a new customer opportunity value of hundreds of thousands in revenue.

“With the full support of the Curated team, our digital strategy has moved to a new level. Not only are we seeing better results from my campaigns, we're able to use the data to shape our digital activity going forward. We work in partnership and are equal stakeholders in the projects. I recommend Curated Digital to any business wishing to move their digital strategy forward and to achieve high results every time.“

— Heena Mistry

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