Achieving Black Friday records with PPC advertising

Content Strategy Customer Channel PPC
Increase in revenue
Reduction in cost per sale
ROAs improvement
Content Strategy Customer Channel PPC

KNOMO principally sell high end, luxury bags designed around personal tech — as such Black Friday was a major opportunity to generate new customers and boost revenue.

Here's how we did it

The plan

Historically, the Black Friday period had been particularly beneficial for retailers across both tech and fashion. Our aim was to take advantage of the volumes of shoppers searching over the Black Friday weekend. It seemed an opportune time: KNOMO were gearing up to introduce a new collection the following year, so we could help shift their stock, boost their revenue, and cultivate their brand following all in one.

We were confident a tactical paid campaign, coupled with KNOMO’s aggressive on-site discounting, would prove to be a powerful attraction to consumers during this heavy sales period.  

Customer and content

We set up temporary titles and descriptions optimised for  Black Friday and Cyber Monday related searches – giving us maximum visibility and ad quality.

We also segmented website visitors which allowed us to apply unique audiences to our campaigns, tailoring bespoke bids and messaging to those audiences.

For Google shopping activity we prepared temporary titles and descriptions optimised for Black Friday and Cyber Monday related searches. These ads also had the ‘merchant promotions’ & ‘promotion extension’ applied and were subbed the week before to pique interest and cultivate awareness of the KNOMO brand.

Applying temporary optimised titles and descriptions gave us maximum visibility at this time, much like organic SEO would.

Mobilising our content

It was imperative we implement the Black Friday push in a cost-effective manner to ensure maximum returns for the KNOMO. Doing so required us to carefully manage keyword bidding — we needed to strike a balance between proactively bidding on the  most successful keywords without cutting into KNOMO’s potential profit.

Our research and personal experiences with similar campaigns helped us identify keywords and campaign settings we were confident would be successful. Having decided on our approach, we moved quickly; above all else, we knew agility and strategically aggressive bidding would be key during the relatively short sales period.

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