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Search Analysis Content Plan Site Maintenance

Nature’s Best is a UK-based health and vitamin expert, now owned by P&G. The client is a B2C nutritional supplement supplier who makes, tests and packs all their tablets and capsules locally in the UK.

Demand for menopause information was spotted culturally and mirrored in search data. Researched and targeted content was created in the form of a hub, to plug that informational gap and assert Nature’s Best firmly as a knowledge authority in the health and wellness space.

Here's how we did it

Customer content mapped by customer needs

Curated spent time carrying out detailed keyword research to learn more about user intent and search behaviour around menopause. Ultimately, what information did potential customers want?

We mapped the entire menopause search landscape to discover the key pillars of informational demand. For example, HRT, perimenopause, side effects and solutions to alleviate symptoms. Curated analysed the search data to understand current or upcoming trends that we would utilise to drive organic performance. For example, the benefits of sage for hot flushes and night sweats. In addition, we carefully curated an internal linking plan for each page of content to ensure the internal site structure was all connected and optimised.

This insight drove our foolproof content plan that fulfilled user search intent for relevant pools of menopause keywords with informative and accessible content. The final content would be housed under the menopause hub for UX and SEO purposes.

After this pushed live, we devised a careful PR outreach strategy where we identified a variety of menopause brands, bloggers and meno-centric websites which could be suitable for outreach and partnership based on suggestions from Nature’s Best and our own research.

The result

The result is a content hub that has driven 295k organic clicks and over 11 million impressions since creation. Accounting for 17% of monthly organic clicks to the site and firmly asserting Nature’s Best as a knowledge authority in the menopause space.

Through this newfound authority and outreach strategy Curated created a partnership between menopause clothing brand 51 Apparel and Nature’s Best to work together successfully — this included an interview with the founder of Henpicked, Deborah Garlick, the author of Menopause: the change for the better.

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