Smiles and Smiles

Using our proven process to charter a path of sustainable growth for Smiles and Smiles

The Three E's
Social Media Marketing Audience Research Strategic Planning Market Activation
reduction in blended CPL
decrease in PPC CPL against Google’s forecast
rise in direct traffic to the site
The Three E's
Social Media Marketing Audience Research Strategic Planning Market Activation

Smiles and Smiles, a Marylebone-based dental venture launched in April 2022, partnered with Curated in a dynamic collaboration that quickly broadened from social media marketing to all-encompassing audience research, strategic planning, and market activation. 

Using our proven, three stage process, Enhance, Expand, Evolve, Curated aimed to address Smiles and Smiles' immediate needs whilst preparing for sustainable growth. Our approach seamlessly combined today's requirements with continual innovation and strategies for the future.


Our primary objective was attaining an authentic competitive advantage. We began with an in-depth internal and external examination. A comprehensive survey of 2,000 respondents evaluated the UK's interest in cosmetic dentistry, laying the groundwork. This was coupled with desk research and engagements with media heavyweights, including Google, to determine the total market size and the opportunity available.

Key Achievements:

— Insights into top- and middle-funnel campaigns with lowered CPLs.

— Equipped salespeople with enhanced conversion opportunities.

— Established control over the sales funnel and visitor traffic.

— Achieved clarity on scale, market development, and maturity.


Building on our preliminary discoveries, we commenced the Expand phase. After extracting data from the business and extensive social listening, we utilised a quantitative survey and focus group to derive two distinct archetypes and six target personas.

Our content creation subsequently centred around these personas. We addressed individual motivations, such as bolstering long standing confidence or prepping for social situations. Essential updates were made to the website, particularly in functional areas like service pages and FAQs, enhancing the user journey and boosting SEO.

Notable Outcomes:

— Developed content strategies tailored to persona motivations.

— Overhauled website touchpoints, enriching user experience and heightening organic search potential.

— Harmonised brand message that resonated with identified pain points.


Transitioning into the Evolve phase, Curated took the reins of Smiles and Smiles' entire paid media strategy in August 2023. Leveraging earlier audience research, we crafted bespoke audience segments for platforms such as Google and Meta, sharpening targeting capabilities.

This strategy led to a remarkable 50% reduction in CPL within a year, enabling Smiles and Smiles to pare back their media budget by 29% between May and July without any drop in lead quality.

Moreover, to smooth out any bumps in the customer experience, particularly during the shift from marketing to sales, we integrated a cutting-edge CRM system. This seamless integration not only streamlined the customer journey from brand awareness to retention but also opened doors for upselling and cross-selling, further securing the business's future.

Additionally, to fortify brand equity and reduce reliance on PPC, we orchestrated a multi-channel strategy. Rich educational content, influential partnerships, and a solid affiliate network contributed to a 40% increase in direct website traffic.

Achievements to Highlight: 

Successfully outperformed Google's projected CPL by 14%

CRM integration enhanced customer journey mapping and marketing attribution

Experienced growth in lead quality and brand awareness, accelerating the sales process


Our partnership with Smiles and Smiles exemplifies the efficacy of our proven process, Enhance, Expand, Evolve, blending the immediacy of today's needs with foresight for tomorrow's challenges. Through a meticulous approach spanning Enhance, Expand, and Evolve, we've charted a path of sustainable growth for Smiles and Smiles, underscoring Curated's steadfast commitment to our clients' commercial success.

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