Generating CISO leads for Adarma through LinkedIn

Testing LinkedIn extensively
LinkedIn is now large part of Adarma's channel mix
Achieved great results

Adarma is one of the largest independent security services companies in the UK. They were looking for a partner to help them run active marketing campaigns on LinkedIn, testing a variety of approaches, and ultimately generating targeted CISO leads.

Here's how we did it

Targeting and reaching our audience

In order to drive a high volume of leads in a niche area, there was a need for extensive audience lists to be developed.

Whilst the bulk of the audience targeted core job titles such as CISO & CSOs, this was expanded upon through targeting alternative & previous job titles. From experience, not all customer targets will follow expected job titles, especially when factoring in EMEA versus North America. Similarly, LinkedIn allows for job functions to be targeted, along with years of experience, which also enabled us to target a larger volume of potential customers who were senior in the security and IT space.

We were also able to layer this & cast a wider net through targeting company size and revenue.

There were also many member groups on LinkedIn focusing on Security, where potential customers were discussing trending topics for 2020 and beyond: topics such as cloud security, consolidated security services, ongoing cybersecurity threats, privacy & GDPR implications & the impact of Covid-19. These were all topics that we could push content for.

Extensive ad format testing

In order to test a range of ad formats, as well as drive commercial success to prove that LinkedIn was a viable long term option for Adarma, we set up a 4 stage campaign approach focusing on a range of ad formats.

We ran a largely reach – nurture – convert strategy built across LinkedIn ad formats and mapped onto customer journeys.

The reach stage of our campaign focused primarily on pushing sponsored content to audiences, in order to drive engagement & awareness. This was followed up afterwards with lead generation ads, aiming to drive high quality leads within LinkedIn that would feed through into Adarma’s CRM.  

As part of the ongoing strategy, we intermittently ran message ads & followed up with remarketing after the first 4 weeks of activity in order to convert those who had engaged.

LinkedIn content

For each format and for each stage of the funnel we consulted on different content.

For the top of funnel sponsored content, we ran introductory content which prioritized being engaging, such as:

  • 7 Questions to assess your cyber resilience readiness
  • How to select the right SOC model for your organization

We wanted our email messaging to be concise and direct, while strongly focusing on a personal approach, as after all, we were landing in people’s private messages.

We focused our inmail messaging on being short & to the point, but focusing on a personal approach, as after all, we were landing in people’s private messages.

At a remarketing & lead gen level, we prioritized pushing Adarma’s services with much stronger Calls to action.

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