Driving Positive ROAS via paid social for Hobbs

Paid Channels
Increase in paid social investment
Increase in total online sales
Reduction in average CPC from paid channels
Paid Channels

Hobbs had never run any social media advertising prior to Curated so our challenge was to prove to them that they could drive revenue and a positive return through Facebook & Instagram advertising.

Here's how we did it

Understanding the customer

Our process began by researching who we believed Hobbs buyers were online — from existing customer personas to potential new customers. This research helped inform campaigns going forward for the brand in-house, as well as our own activity.

For us, it allowed us to create highly targeted messaging for these different personas; often when running a multiplicity of campaigns. These often revolved around trending themes. A really clever example of this, was seasonal events. When wedding season came around, for instance, we decided to target people who were attending the wedding, rather than the bride. What might they need? Each campaign was broken down in correlation to our audience research, and each featured unique imagery and messaging specifically tailored for them.

Social sells

In order to convince Hobbs that paid social was right for them, we needed the channel to be driving sales, and at a positive ROI.

We made use of Facebook’s built-in catalogue ads and used bespoke messaging for different product groups. This ensured our ads were highly relevant, the ads targeted customers who had previously engaged onsite with products, and showed them ads with the same product group.  

This, along with setting up the conversion API & pixel effectively meant that we had great tracking, and highly targeted remarketing campaigns to drive commercial impact.

Paid search

Aligning these bespoke campaigns with paid search really helped us to ramp up positive results. Both worked in tandem together, and both helped inform the other. For example, if a certain type of shoe was selling really well via paid search, we’d remarket those who hadn’t converted through social messaging at a certain point in the user journey.

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