Doubling leads for Chesneys with a multi-channel approach

Content Strategy Content Analysis PPC Paid Social
Growth of qualified marketing leads
Increase in stove-related keywords
Increase in organic search leads
Content Strategy Content Analysis PPC Paid Social

Chesneys are a leading luxury heating brand who provide exceptional fireplaces, wood-burning stoves and outdoor heaters to interior designers and proud homeowners. Chesneys were looking to grow their digital presence and wanted to increase the volume of sales leads for their stockists and showrooms.

Here's how we did it

Strategy development for a luxury market

Chesneys pride themselves on producing high-quality, luxury heating products that stand the test of time — so their content needed to reflect this. Our team undertook search listening and content analysis research to identify queries that potential customers were searching for when looking to purchase a fireplace, stove or outdoor barbecue. This ranged from interior design inspiration at the top of the funnel, to key purchasing-factors such as fuel efficiency and regional wood-burning regulations.

Based on our research, we created aspirational, editorial articles at each level of the conversion funnel. Keeping product seasonality in-mind, we planned content strategically in the low-season to allow time for articles to gain SEO traction. Then, with a strong internal-linking strategy, we used design-led content to draw-in prospective customers, then guided them through to more purchase-focused buyer’s guides that prompted customers in-store.

The final phase of our strategy was a complete redesign and re-categorisation of the Chesneys blog to create a beautiful user experience that reflected the brand, as well as increase organic visibility.

Delivering content to the right audience

In order to maximise the reach of our content, we used Facebook advertising to amplify our content to new audiences. Facebook was the ideal platform by which to use content to nurture new customers and we saw excellent engagement levels.

By utilising remarketing pixels we were able to capture highly targeted, wealthy prospective customers with engaging content before remarketing with a product-focused ad. Facebook ads became an essential component of Chesneys’ digital strategy during the time we worked with the brand.

Driving leads within catchment areas

Chesneys paid search campaigns were built to focus on key catchment areas around stockists and stores. Our research into competitor activity and the market context showed us the value of environmental accreditation. Chesneys’ products were all ‘DEFRA approved’, giving them a significant advantage over competitors. Our strategy ensured this was front and centre in our ad copy.

Curated also employed ad extensions such as location and call extensions which lessened the friction to conversion for our potential customers. Our call ads were engaged with fantastically and resulted in hundreds of phone calls each month to Chesneys showrooms.

Display activity was also activated via AdRoll in order to re-engage customers who had exited our marketing funnel. This was critical in ensuring that the groundwork on reaching new customers from our content and paid channel efforts was not wasted. Our display ads drove customers back to the Chesneys website and saw good conversion rates once back on site.

Our content, SEO and multi-channel paid strategy resulted in a year on year of 126% growth of qualified marketing leads. Content and social advertising generated excellent engagement levels higher up the funnel with remarketing and localised targeting delivering a huge volume of leads.

— Chesneys

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