Wesminster City Council

How we increased engagement and improved sentiment for Westminster City Council’s social media platforms using our insight-led approach.

Trend Analysis Digital Persona Paid Social Organic Social
Net follower growth across all channels
Engagement across all channels
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Trend Analysis Digital Persona Paid Social Organic Social

The brief was to support Westminster City Council in renewing their social presence to reach more people in a meaningful, resonant and relevant way.

Here's how we did it

Understanding your audience

We created actionable insight for Westminster City Council through our Digital Persona research, which uses a combination of search, social, and third party data to get an in-depth understanding of the key audiences within the space. This allowed us to identify the primary persona segments and establish their needs, wants, and pain points.

We used a combination of automated tools and manual research to answer key questions.

We established 3 key personas and 6 sub-personas. This helped our understanding of who we needed to target with our strategy and helped the council make better business and marketing decisions through communications and channel selection.

'City for All' social strategy

Using our digital persona insights, we created an organic and paid social strategy for Westminster’s City For All vision. We decided on the relevant platforms that we wanted to showcase the vision on and then particular messaging for each content pillar targeted to each specific persona and sub-persona. This social strategy was a huge success across all platforms, gaining 77,272 impressions and an engagement rate of 5.1%. Users were invested in the vision shown by the amount of post link clicks and engagements.

Here are the results:

  • Increased awareness and following of Westminster City Council’s social media channels
  • Increased engagement across Westminster City Council’s social channels and digital platforms
  • Improved sentiment and increased activity across social and digital channels

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