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Supporting GRM Daily to maximise the value of their social & website traffic

Auditing Publishing Consulting
Supported in the setup of a new ad server.
Build a business case for extracting more value.
Provided social suggestions to improve engagement
Auditing Publishing Consulting

With over 3 billion YouTube views, 3 million subscribers, and a social reach of over 2.3 million, GRM Daily is the most viewed urban music channel and website in the UK. However, they were not extracting the full value of their social reach, which is where Curated came in to help.

Here's how we did it

Publisher servicing

GRM Daily is the epicentre of black British music culture in the UK, and as a result of their following, there is a need for them to promote musicians and feature them on their website using display banners.

Curated acted as consultants & supported GRM Daily in setting up an ad server that would enable them to quickly and easily publish ads on their site and allow them to profit off of their site traffic without any eCommerce functionality. We also carried out an SEO audit to ensure that this was set up properly and would not have a negative impact on site speed or rankings.

Social consultancy

As well as helping GRM Daily to monetize their website, there was also a need to look at their social activity.

With over 2m Instagram followers and near 4m YouTube subscribers, their social channels were obviously doing something right. However, much like with their website, there was a need to make their activity more commercial and ensure that they were maximizing the value of each channel.

Curated carried out extensive audits on all channels, including YouTube, Snapchat & TikTok, providing suggestions on the best content types, posting frequency, and how to use social channels to drive traffic to their website and YouTube channel- which is where they would make their money.

Guiding business strategy

As well as providing suggestions and fixes for GRM Daily social channels, there was also an opportunity for them in terms of business strategy.

In line with us setting up their website and social channels for commercial success, we also provided guidance on costs and pricing, in order to bring them up to speed with more traditional market rates and again ensure they are making the most of their offering.

Overall, at the end of the project with GRM Daily, they are in a better position to be driving more traffic to their site and social channels. As well as this, GRM Daily are now in a position to justify charging higher prices for their ads and service them better with improved tracking.

"Curated Digital were a massive help to myself and the team whilst being a pleasure to work with."

Rebecca Rose

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