Growing revenue for Larsen Howie with a
cross-channel strategy

1 %
increase in organic traffic
1 %
increase in revenue
1 %
increase in bramded sales

Larsen Howie are specialists in the insurance industry, tailoring insurances to the contractor, freelancer, and consultant market. We were challenged to grow professional indemnity & IR35 insurance sales for the emerging brand in a highly competitive space.




improving user experience

Larsen Howie was seeing a poor conversion rate on their website. This was in no small part due to the site being hard to navigate, and the information on the site wasn’t formatted in a way which made it easy to read and understand.


Before driving an increase in traffic through content or paid media channels, we wanted to make sure the website was ready to receive customers. We designed a new homepage and services page, alongside conversion-focused PPC landing pages, personalising the customer journey and making customer-specific content easier to find.

Finding the Gap

Our content team carried out detailed research to learn more about the questions being asked by Larsen Howie’s potential customers. They took a deep dive into customer pain points, discovering a huge gap in customer knowledge not only about what IR35 and Professional Indemnity insurance are, but also confusion about who may need it and why.


By researching content available from competitors and news sites, Curated determined the type of content which would best serve Larsen Howie’s customer, delivering information which they couldn’t find elsewhere.


From there, the team devised a strategy to produce content which would bridge the knowledge gap. They created helpful content which informed customers why they needed insurance and guided them through the process, all the way to conversion. 

Developing a true multi-channel approach

The highly competitive nature of the market that Larsen Howie was operating in allowed the channel team to get creative with their advertising strategy. Rising CPCs on search meant there was an opening to look elsewhere for advertising opportunities. 


We wanted to reach customers early-on in their search for insurance, particularly during the research phase of their journey. We therefore widened the channels away from paid search and towards social media marketing on Facebook, LinkedIn and community platforms like Quora, creating a truly cross-channel approach.  


In order to maintain the ROI from paid channels, we also developed our display advertising strategy using AdRoll. Instead of losing the interest of customers who were engaging with the brand without purchasing insurance, we built in a remarketing plan, ultimately pushing them to convert and further driving Larsen Howie’s revenue. 

Our content, SEO and multi-channel paid strategy resulted in a year on year of 126% growth of qualified marketing leads. Content and social advertising generated excellent engagement levels higher up the funnel with remarketing and localised targeting delivering a huge volume of leads.

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