How we helped Bluebell double down on their emerging and new market development, through in-market research, strategy and insight

Supported them to deliver market leading results in the Turkish market

Enabled them to launch their Brazilian proposition in 2021

A proven methodology to develop new markets

Bluebell B.V is a company that owns a portfolio of gambling brands, with a presence in global markets.

There were three goals for Bluebell B.V with regards to working with Curated:


Ensure their current brand portfolio remains resonant to their target customer

Research opportunities in emerging markets, particularly LATAM and India

Advice on branding and marketing execution within the target markets





For the first project that we worked on with Bluebell, we undertook an intensive Discovery process where we spoke to key business stakeholders with regards various elements of marketing and business, including the view on the customers, brand positioning, channel split, commercial performance and the competitor and contextual dynamics in the market.



The information that we gathered allowed Curated to conduct a three-stage preliminary research process: Trend analysis, search analysis and competitor analysis. This process has been conducted in 4 markets: Turkey, Brazil, India and is currently in flight within Spanish speaking Latin America. The process was deployed to better understand the dynamics shaking customer motivations and behaviours within each market.


Post-preliminary phase, Curated created hypotheses for each market based on market and cultural dynamics. The hypothesis focused on a number of areas, including brand positioning, product preferences, behaviours, messaging and creative execution for each of the markets. For instance, Turkey is seen as a more traditional and patriarchal market, whereas when looking at Latin America, technology is shifting the dynamic towards more individualistic behaviours.


Once the results were received, Curated positioned themselves in a consultative capacity to work through the brand positioning and creative execution elements of the brief with a chosen creative brand partner. This allowed Curated to stay close to the detail of the execution and advise on the creative execution based on the data obtained.


Beyond this, Curated were able to use their further digital competitor review to benchmark the current performance of Bluebell brands against current and potential competitors. This allowed Curated to advise on owned, earned and paid marketing initiatives and first-mover channels and tactics that the brands could and should integrate within current or launch strategies.

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