Curated meets: Piper Jacobsen

News & Culture | 03/08/2022 | Written by Anoushka Rabin

Meet Piper, Curated’s brand new content marketing graduate who joined our team in August. An avid linguist and seasoned cook, Piper is already having a great time working with the Curated team. Outside of Curated, Piper is a keen knitter and cross country runner. Most weekends she’s out on a countryside run or whipping up some of her favourite Korean food (the spicier the better!)

As a Content Marketing Graduate, what are your day to day responsibilities?

Content Marketing comes in such a variety of mediums these days – articles, pictures, social posts, even memes! So the possibilities of what I can be involved with are almost limitless but, essentially,  if it concerns the analysis, auditing and production of content for our B2B and B2C clients, I’ll be involved somewhere in the mix! 

For me, content marketing is all about the consumer journey; How can we solve all the points of friction that a customer may encounter through a purchasing process using engaging content? That might mean creating more informational articles clearly explaining embedded finance applications when trying to sell a fintech product. But, it could also mean posting a fun stigma busting Tik Tok that explains period care tips when working with a sustainable period care brand. It’s this variety that keeps me going!

What’s your favourite part about working for Curated so far?

Apart from Juno the new daschund puppy?! Hmmm… it has to be the flexible and collaborative way in which everyone here approaches their tasks. From the get go I’ve jumped straight into collaborating with client projects and research decks throughout all of which, people have been super eager and receptive towards the ideas I’ve put forward. That kind of infectious enthusiasm has been so rare compared to previous places I’ve worked at.

What are you most looking forward to in your new role?

For me it’s about the opportunity to expand my general knowledge in the wide range of industries Curated’s clients come from; Finance, Health and Wellness, Technology platforms and even City Councils to name a few. There are also big plans moving into the next year to keep expanding into other areas so I really see the potential for my own personal growth in this career not being limited to one particular area. 

Would you rather be unable to use search engines (like Google) ever again, or unable to use social media ever again?

This one is a no-brainer given how important search engines are to the research I do during work. But even beyond that, imagine never being able to look up a weird symptom. Or being able to check out the best after-work pubs for a well-earned pint? Or if you’re going to miss your next train when the traffic is awful? Nope, it’s goodbye to socials for me!

Have you enjoyed learning about Piper and her role at Curated? You can learn more about the Curated team here.

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