Curated meets: Emily Shadbolt

News & Culture | 16/08/2022 | Written by Anoushka Rabin

Meet Emily, Curated’s brand new People & Operations Manager! A true crime obsessor and red wine connoisseur, Em has already dived straight into her new role head first and ready to roll… Outside of Curated, Em loves to go to the cinema and try out new vegan restaurants. On weekends you’ll find her out and about with family and friends or at the salon getting her nails done.






As a People and Operations Manager, what are your day to day responsibilities?

On a day to day, I look after all our amazing staff members in regards to their experience, engagement, wellbeing and benefits. I then also assist our MD, Jake in ensuring we are working toward optimum levels of operational efficiency, creating slick processes and investing in clever tech to support both our day-to-day operations and the service we offer our clients. Other than this, you will find me creating a fantastic office environment for our team to enjoy and ensuring their needs are met when working remotely.


What’s your favourite part about working for Curated so far?

My favourite part so far is planning our annual end of summer retreat! Creating lots of opportunities for team bonding and recharging our batteries for exciting times ahead.


What are you most looking forward to in your new role?

I am most looking forward to getting to know the team better and doing all I can to help them thrive!


Would you rather be unable to use search engines (like Google) ever again, or unable to use social media ever again?

Oh definitely never use social media again, I Google way too many things in a day!


Beyond your operational responsibilities, what will you be doing to support the Curated team?

My role will predominantly consist of fostering Curated’s company culture. Company culture is ultimately built around flexibility, mental health support, staff development and their wellbeing. These are all topics that I am hugely passionate about and am beyond lucky to have the opportunity to bring them into my day to day.


Why does employee experience matter so much right now?

If employees are happy, they’re more likely to stay and current data shows that higher employee happiness leads to more productivity, improved company culture, and better overall employee morale. This then translates into a positive experience for customers. When employees are happy, it’s likely that clients are receiving a positive service experience too. 


How are you looking to improve employee engagement/experience?

To start, I am auditing and reviewing Curated’s existing perks and benefits, instigating an improved reward and recognition scheme, implementing brand-new holistic piece of HR tech and leading on the construction of a new learning and development programme. Once I have crossed all of the above off my list, I am then planning to start work on Curated’s CSR, progression framework and ED&I.


What’s the most rewarding part of your role?

The most rewarding part of my role is definitely watching my colleagues grow and develop both personally and professionally. Work plays a crucial part in most people’s lives and not just in providing a source of income – it can give us a sense of purpose and achievement as well as an opportunity to socialise and build friendships with our colleagues.


Have you enjoyed learning about Emily and her role at Curated? You can learn more about the Curated team here.


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