Hybrid health: how health and wellness brands are having to embrace change

Health. There probably has never been a time in the modern era where it has been a topic of so much conversation. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic entered centre stage, health and wellness was creeping ever more in the consumer consciousness and governmental policy. Whether related to the food we buy, the exercise we take or the apps we use, there has never been an age where there is so much information and opinion available.

Testing the sh*t out of LinkedIn ads, so you don’t have to

When it comes to testing a new social channel, or trying to get the most out of one you are already using, it often takes a test and learn approach. Well, if LinkedIn ads are on your list of channels to test, let us help you out by sharing everything we learned when we tested the sh*t out of LinkedIn for one of our clients.

4 Health and Wellness Trends To Watch in 2022

The health and wellness industry is growing, and fast. Before COVID-19 hit, health and wellness was already a top priority for consumers but has since come into a sharper focus as a result of the pandemic. Research from McKinsey suggests that the global wellness market is currently worth $1.5 trillion and is still growing at a rate of 5-10% per year. A rise in consumer interest along with purchasing power offers huge opportunities for businesses, especially since self-care is now viewed as a ‘necessity’ rather than a choice.

Welcome to the ‘new wave’

At Curated, we had recognised shifting patterns within the marketing and advertising industry around late 2018. Client expectations were changing, and so were their value perceptions. After looking at our proposition, we realised that our perceived value to clients had shifted and we needed to be braver in communicating and articulating this.

We spent the later part of 2019 rethinking about our positioning and then in the early part of 2020, we took the plunge to pivot from agency to consultancy led agency. Overnight, clients became partners. Frameworks became our lifeblood. Strategy was first and foremost. Ultimately, this was integral to helping our partners navigate the uncertainty of the initial throes of the pandemic.