4 Health and Fitness Trends To Watch in 2022

Health and Wellness | 28/04/2022 | Written by Anoushka Rabin

The health and fitness industry is growing, and rapidly. Health and fitness has always been a priority for consumers but has since come into sharper focus as a result of the pandemic. Research shows that the global fitness industry is currently worth $96.7 billion and is growing at a rate of 3-5% every year. A seismic shift away from gyms means that there is an even greater demand for home fitness and there are a multitude of fitness trends for brands to take advantage of.

Here are 4 health and fitness trends to look out for this year: 


Hybrid Workout Models

The pandemic proved that we can exercise whenever and wherever we are, thanks to virtual workouts. Brands are adapting to the ‘new normal’ through hybrid workout models where they offer a combination of in-house and on-demand/live workouts available to stream. Many of these brands are live-streaming in-person classes to fully take advantage of this, which gives those at home an opportunity to tune in and participate. This not only allows for larger class sizes but also helps them reach a wider audience, as these classes are not limited to geographical location. Customers therefore have increased flexibility and get to try new classes in the comfort of their own home. A real win-win for consumers and brands!

There is an opportunity for brands to update their offering to include at-home equipment and decor that compliments the fitness regime of those who are working out at home. ‘The Mirror’ is an example of how the athleisure brand, Lululemon, is utilising this notion and has connected the dots between athleisure and home fitness. This is a great example of how a brand can build an ecosystem for their customer base. 



Wearable Technology

Wearable technology has become increasingly popular and is considered a key part of today’s fitness culture, which we can expect to expand. Wearable devices like the Apple Watch have made it easier for consumers to track their fitness goals and are becoming increasingly ubiquitous. We can expect these devices to continue to grow in popularity and play an even greater role in other aspects of our lives including sleep hygiene, oxygen saturation of blood and stress load.


Enhanced Insights

Data tracking is also one of the key economic drivers of new technology and is vital for the future of fitness. The rise of wearable technology has also normalised the collection of consumer health data. We can expect this to continue too, with more users willing to share their data for the purpose of managing personal health and fitness goals. 


The next step for brands should be to use these analytics to provide a service that is connected to the individuals’ wants and needs, e.g. 

  • Collaborate with other wellness brands to offer advice on health and wellness holistically 
  • Offer class recommendations and specialised discounts on their ‘favourite class’ 
  • Offer tailored sessions based on their fitness goals or needs 



Exercise ‘Snacking’

AKA small bursts of exercise throughout the day. This has become increasingly popular as our lives have resumed to normal post-pandemic. These workouts enable you to exercise when you’re too busy to commit to more. 

Brands could look to include ‘exercise snacks’ or snippets of exercises as options for on-demand or live-streamed workouts that can be done wherever or whenever. These could take place through a social media live stream like Tik Tok or Instagram and should take place at a time where people are particularly restless, e.g. the post lunch slump or an hour before the work day finishes. 




What can brands do to tap into these trends?

Changes and innovations in the health and fitness industry have brought challenges but also opened the door to unique opportunities for brands to target new audiences and try new things. Health and fitness brands can leverage off these trends to connect with consumers at-home, in studio and on-the-go. Examples include: 


  • Providing holistic experiences for consumers 
  • Utilising data to build online communities around physical and mental fitness
  • Elevating customer experiences through tech and services
  • Innovating and collaborating with activewear brands to stay relevant 
  • Providing an array of options for work out classes, e.g. at-home, on-demand, live classes and exercise snack bites.
  • Creating interconnected ecosystems and positioning themselves as permanent fitness partners in their customers lives, wherever they are. 

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