The bottom line of any business is sales. Selling online however is a world apart from selling from a shop front. For one, customers are not physically visible, which means we need to work much, much harder to understand who they are. On the other hand, user behaviour online is much more trackable than footfall, so in another way, we can get to know you better online than if we sold you a pair of socks over the counter.

Good ecommerce is about creating a solid journey that leads your audience to the point of sale. What’s key (and what most people don’t do!) is to make sure all digital channels work together, to address a complete range of a user’s digital habits. Here’s how it happens.

Paid (PPC)

Paid advertising (PPC) enables you to create highly targeted ads with messaging and calls to action tailored to a specific point in a user’s journey.

It’s not all about ads, though — tactics such as creating relevant and user-friendly landing pages can help create logical journeys through your site that make the process of buying that much easier. Think: if you knew what you were after, would you prefer to scroll through a whole site and find it, or simply click an ad and be taken where you want to go?

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Social Media

Yes, you can sell over social.

Social shines at influencing sales, either by generating that first click, by putting some engaging content in front of people we know will like it, or retargeting users with something genuinely useful. Don’t stress if you don’t see a purchase right away: people are likely to shop around before coming back to you via another source.

We’re also big on testing. Finding the right audiences, copy, and content takes time, but optimising is an essential part of ecommerce success.

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Organic (SEO)

Imagine if you had just bought a shop on the high street, but the front was obscured from street view by some scaffolding. Only people that knew your shop was there would be able to find it; to anyone else passing by, you’d be hidden from view. Poor search visibility on the internet follows exactly the same principle.

Quite simply, strong SEO means your site will appear in results against search terms related to your product or service. Figuring out which terms these should be is no mean feat. We can help.

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Content might seem an unlikely ally in the quest to drive sales, but trust us, it’s one that can be hugely helpful. Having engaging and functional copy at key navigational points of your site can make all the difference in getting that sale.

At the critical point where a user decides to buy, the language they are confronted with is essential: from the types of adjectives you decide to prioritise, to the verb you choose as part of your final call to action.

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