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The who, what & why

Curated is a customer-driven digital consultancy, developing clever strategies to help you meet your business goals. We’re passionate about the endless opportunities that digital offers brands — from optimising your day-to-day channel activity, to providing data insights that guide next quarter’s business plan or inspire a national campaign.

We’re a team of strategists, tacticians and creatives, developing big-picture solutions to complex business problems — always backed by data.

We believe in pushing boundaries, stretching briefs and creating positive connections between brands and their customers.

Our curated approach

We believe digital marketing should put business goals at the forefront. That’s why our customer-first approach always begins with a discovery session, taking a deep dive into your industry sector to establish your brand needs.

We always work broad-spectrum, considering brands within their wider context — from key customer and social trends, to competitor share-of-voice and your brand’s commercial goals. From here, it’s a three-step process to success: Strategy, Consultancy and Implementation.

We’ve helped some brilliant brands

Hello, Meet our Team

Curated's resident Napoleon. Short in stature, big planner

David Angus

Strategy Director

People pleaser, process easer, runs a tight ship like Julius Caesar

Jake Cawdery

Operations Director

Account Director by day, comedy producer by night. Partial to a rosé and a natter

Amelia Vickery

Account Director

Ex-Googler, exiled Northerner, spreadsheet lover & over-deliverer of decent ideas

Simon Douglass


Passionate about social as a tool for insight & acquisition

Danielle Smith

Social Media Lead

Curated's resident analyst — usually on accounts, ideally from the cricket pavilion

Charlie Watkins

Digital Marketing Lead

Lover of data, creativity and Slack channels

Anoosh Djavaheri

Content Strategy Lead

Content creator, UX-pert and graphic design enthusiast

Gabriella Mascia

Senior Content Strategy Consultant

Passionate about kebabs, paid channels and new business — in that order

Matt Stump

New Business Lead

Trend researcher, elite playlist maker and resident Frenchie

Joan Crowley

Content Strategy Consultant

Avid writer, researcher and office style icon

Caris Dollard

Content Strategy Consultant

A Maserati in a world full of Kias. Also, marketing

Jonny Price

Paid Media Consultant

Mildly obsessed with pilates, vintage denim and all things social

Anoushka Rabin

Social Media Consultant



We take decisive action, deliver bold strategies, and challenge the accepted.


We treat your business like it’s our own business.


We are forensic in nature, always asking ‘why?’



We are people that you want on your team.

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