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From bespoke brand strategy down to SEO basics — we’ve got it covered. Find out more about our strategic and expert services below.




We are unashamedly strategy-first. Gone are the days of jumping head-first into a marketing campaign or an advertising account and delivering sustainable results. Best-practice in digital marketing has been commoditised, meaning innovation, creativity and change come from strategic planning. 

Our strategic process

We have strategic processes that can be tailored to your business goals. Whether that is getting closer to your target customer, diagnosing your current performance or finding the gaps in the market to give you a competitive advantage — we have the solutions to your business problems.

We always start with discovery. Working through our proprietary 7Cs framework to the lay foundations of strategic planning.

Digital Persona

Get closer to the customers you already know and discover those you don’t.

Gap Analysis

Where do you stand against competitors? Are you taking advantage of cultural trends? Are you doubling down on digital opportunities?


Communicate with customers, at speed. Get ahead of your competitors by turning insight into commercial advantage. 


Do you have points of friction in your customer journey? Let us thoroughly review a number of factors, including UX, CRO, SEO and content.


Champions are brilliant at the basics. Curated have proven experience delivering results for clients using classic digital marketing tactics with our Curated twist. We’re full service and flexible, covering all aspects of your strategic execution — from content strategy and technical SEO to paid search and social channels.


Digging through search data to get to the heart of what your customers love, want and need. Find out which content customers are consuming, and get it to them fast.


We understand how Google works, learn how your customers search, and combine the two to develop SEO strategies that deliver.

Paid Media (PPC)

Get your brand in front of the right people. Bespoke channel marketing strategies, tailored to your business.

Social Media

Whether you need to revamp your organic social strategy, or reach new audiences through paid social, we’ve got you covered. We also offer training and secondment options for your in-house teams.

Our expert process

Our expert services slot smoothly into your wider marketing strategy — from implementation to execution. We’ll handle the set-up and implementation of your paid and social activity, with regular reviews to ensure you’re delivering the maximum value from your budget. Our technical SEO framework will quickly identify how to best optimise your digital presence to reduce friction and deliver customer satisfaction. 

Content creation is where art meets science — we’ll produce inspiring content and copy that reflects your brand, resonates with your customers, and earns you recognition.

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