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Twitter basics: Why are your audience using Twitter?

Knowing who is on Twitter and how they are using the platform is essential for marketers, but what’s most important is knowing why your audience are flocking there.

Anyone who uses the social media platform — even a little bit — will know its a hotbed for news and sharing opinion.

As the stats show, it’s a popular source of breaking news, with a lot of people following journalists, who make up 25% of verified accounts. Journalists themselves also use the platform to find stories as well as sources and witnesses, not to mention to judge public opinion.

And public opinion is never more acutely realised than through live tweeting. Twitter is known for its community, especially communities that focus on following things like live events, sports or television. To give you an example, Love Island was the most tweeted about TV show by UK viewers in 2017, accumulating around 4 million tweets. Worldwide, you’d have to be living under a rock not to have seen the tweets circulating about the world cup. Many of these tweets are tied together with humour — Twitter is known for being the breeding ground of memes, a lot of which end up written about in articles themselves.

Back when Twitter was first starting up, its main appeal was to follow celebrities to see what they tweeted about their day-to-day lives. Nowadays, celebs are much more clued up in using the platform for marketing as well as giving their fans an insight into them behind the scenes. Currently, the top celebrities are Katy Perry and Justin Bieber, followed by Obama and Rihanna.

So, how else do we use Twitter? Well, here’s a handy infographic to explain all of the above.

we do we use twitter infographic

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