Twitter basics: Who are your audience?

Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are seen as the holy trinity of social media marketing, but quite often we take the idea of marketing to people on these platforms for granted. Whilst ads on Facebook and Instagram can go wrong, and the fear of data misuse still looms post-GDPR, the Zuckerberg-owned platforms tend to do quite well at finding ads you like. Twitter, on the other hand, seems to miss the mark with their targeted audiences.

Twitter is a must for marketers – that’s for sure – but many brands, companies and agencies alike seem to find themselves going down the wrong path with advertising. Twitter is not used in the same way as Facebook or Instagram, and yet brands seem to try and sell their product with ‘spray and pray’ techniques that may have worked in 2013 but will not work now.

Today, Twitter is better known for being the first responder in current events, the go-to place for journalists to find stories, and of course the meme-maker, morphing into what Tumblr was back in the day. We seem to have forgotten who is using the platform, not to mention how they are using it.

So, who’s on Twitter?

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Sources of information for infographic: Hootsuite and Brandwatch

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