Twitter basics: How are your audience using the platform?

As digital marketers, sometimes we fall down an ‘ads rabbit hole’ and forget that social media platforms are for a lot more than just showing your brand to as many people as possible. Brands and marketers alike see Twitter as a must when promoting themselves, but often overlook the main reasons why people use the platform, including how they use it.

Twitter is well-known for being a community, so it makes sense that the majority of tweets that are sent (68%) are replies to other tweets. So, whilst you might be writing and producing good original content, Twitter might not actually be the best place to showcase it. Tweets that contain photos are also shared more, making up 55% of all tweets, however, the way that images are shown on the timeline are different to Facebook and Instagram. Images are slightly hidden and are more likely to be a humorous reaction to the text instead of acting as something visual on its own.

According to the data, the best way to use Twitter is by interacting with users. Marketers need to keep in mind that people use Twitter regularly, usually tweeting more than once a day and are more likely to use a mobile. It’s not Instagram, and pictures should complement the text, not overcompensate for it.

So how are we using Twitter?

twitter users infographic

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Stats and data for infographic gathered from Brandwatch, Hubspot and the American Press Institute.

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