Traffic Driving

There’s not a single website that doesn’t want —or need — traffic. Solid traffic to your website has a knock-on effect to loads of great stuff: think a boost in SEO and exposure to new audiences. Let’s be honest, having people visit your website is the reason why it exists in the first place.

The good news is that there are loads of different ways to drive traffic to your site. What’s key (and what most others don’t do!) is making sure different channels work together to craft a seamless passage straight to your site. Luckily, we do do this, and are really good at it.


Good quality, relevant content that addresses a person’s search intent will be the type of content they want to engage with. It also lets Google know what your site is about, which helps it decide which search terms your site will appear against. If you appear high in these results, people are more likely to click through and pay you a digital visit.

A solid content strategy should consider themes in search data, and be smart on using editorial and creative strategy. Our audience research process can help you out here.

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Organic (SEO)

How you appear in search results relies on quite a large amount of different percentage factors which affect how Google is able to make sense of your site.

If the value you’re able to offer a user isn’t clear, you could risk appearing lower in search results, or even being smacked with a penalty.  If you appear higher up in search results, more people are likely to click through. Who doesn’t want that?

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Paid (PPC)

Paid search gets you visibility, fast, for keywords you don’t rank organically for. This gets you highly targeted exposure to your audience. It’s measurable too, so you can figure out exactly what worked and what didn’t, make appropriate tweaks, and go again.

If you do PPC  well, you can influence a person’s conversion path both directly and indirectly with different types of adverts and messaging that cater to different search intent. If they like what they see, they will click through to your website.

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Social Media

People use social media for fun: to chat with friends, and browse through content they might find entertaining. If you want them to engage with your content, your messaging needs to consider this.

Social can help drive valuable and targeted traffic to your site. You don’t need to have an editorial site to reap the benefits of strong content: people like us can help you create brilliant and engaging content, no matter what you’re selling.

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