Short, precise, and transparent, Twitter is a very unique social platform. Where other platforms require consent to follow, or talk to someone directly, Twitter lets you reach anyone, regardless of whether they are following you or not. Of all social media platforms, it’s closest to actual conversation in real, offline life: you can’t edit something you’ve said, just as you can’t edit a tweet once it’s gone out. The character limit also makes posts especially speech-like, particularly when we see a heated debate kick off.

The goal over Twitter then is to join, and start, the right conversations. In the first instance, consider your competitors and what they’re doing in the Twittersphere: what are they posting, who are they talking to? How many followers do they have, which types of tweets are getting retweeted, and favorited the most? Here’s how you can get an idea for the types of conversations that are working in a given space, figure out how you can elbow your way into them, and say something that makes you stand out.

The vast majority of your tweets — here, the 80/20 rule is often cited — should directly intend to drive interactions with your followers (i.e. retweets, order pharmacy pills net levitra generic replies, favourites), rather than be purely branded tweets. Above all, it’s essential your brand personality shines through, and that your voice reads as authentic. Be funny, witty, and reactive: just as you might when entertaining a crowd of people with a particular story or anecdote. And, thanks to the hashtag, creating campaigns, and reaching people specifically talking about certain things is a great way to appear smack-bang in the middle of engaged conversations.

Twitter, like any other social platform, goes hand-in-hand with content strategy. You’ll need to come up with clever, engaging content to post, that shows off and develops a different side to your brand voice. Think behind the scenes photos, relevant blog posts, useful tips, exclusive offers and discounts, or clever competitions that call on user engagement for a chance to win.

Remember: Twitter is your chance to be as direct and open as possible over a social platform. It’s a type of communication that needs clever planning and strategy, but is an opportunity not to be missed.

Seeing as being direct and open is very much our style, we’re champions at Twitter. Get in touch and see what we can do for you.