When you post something onto your Facebook page, you’re putting it in front of your followers. This is useful when posting on a personal page, or closed community page, but if you’re a brand looking to expand your audience, it’s not such great news. The same goes for any other social channel you’re running: post organically, your existing followers will see. Use paid social to promote the post, and you’ve got the chance to tap into a whole new group of potential fans.

Paid social — which is where we promote content, products or services to a targeted audience — is a way to get your content in front of fresh eyeballs, and ideally convince these people to click through to your site, or give your page a ‘like’. It’s how you can bring targeted traffic to your site.

But finding this audience in the first place is no mean feat. We can’t just target people who ‘like’ certain things. We need to think much more strategically. Consider: which type of people want to wear luxury clothes? Where are they on Facebook/ Twitter/ etc.? What are their other interests? Which sorts of things are they talking about to their peers? Then, we need to forecast our budgets depending on your objectives — if we want revenue, we need to use industry average statistics to work out what traffic volume we need, what click-through-rate we need, and what ROI will make this happen.

Each social channel brings its own considerations and restraints. For instance, on Twitter, you can use promoted tweets to target keywords, whereas on Facebook you target people based on their interests and demographics. Twitter only lets you target location and gender, but you can also target people using specific hashtags, and those who follow certain people. Twitter is more about the types of hashtags people are using, and people they’re talking to, whereas Facebook favours demographic targeting.

A good paid social strategy isn’t about building obvious audiences. Think laterally, and don’t be afraid to do some testing to find out what works, and what doesn’t. We have the time and patience to help you, so do get in touch!