Ah, Facebook: the world’s favourite means of procrastination, often veiled as an excuse to ‘keep up’ with what our sea of acquaintances, friends, and family are up to. We joke about the ways we use Facebook, however, it’s where we spend around 20% of all our time online, and is an incredibly important way to engage buy generic levitra in usa with, and follow brands that we like. Having a Facebook strategy is essential if you’re serious about getting your brand in front of an audience, and building a following.

We have two main goals when we use Facebook for digital advertising: acquisition and engagement. How we tackle these specifically depends on a client’s goals, but in any case, our first priority is finding the right audience as quickly as possible, as well as test different targeting and copy options to find out what works best in talking to them.

It sounds cliché, but the key to connecting with your audience on Facebook is being personal. Like anything else that communicates your brand, you need a clear tone of voice that’s consistent with what you’ve established on your website, that’s tailored to people’s expectations of the types of things they’ll find, and engage with on Facebook. For instance, ditch long, text-heavy posts: save them for your blog. On Facebook, attention span is limited — if something isn’t instantly interesting, people will scroll on down through their newsfeed. Time is also of the essence, so it’s essential you research the times your audience are most online when figuring out the best time to post.

Sadly, many brands treat Facebook as a dumping-ground for things they, themselves, find personally interesting. This almost trivialises the opportunity you’ve got over Facebook to show off your ‘personal’, ‘social’ side, in line with your branding: people follow your brand as they are interested in the sector, or the product or service you offer.

That said, posting too much branded content will make people think you’re working too hard to push yourself onto them, and get turned off. Posting a clever mix of branded, and unbranded content is a great way to grab an audience’s attention, as well as making them feel you aren’t just serving your own self-interest.

Figuring out the balance can be tricky, but luckily, we’re experts. Drop us a line and find out how we can help you.