YouTube is more than just a welcome way to procrastinate. Now, advertisers can use YouTube to place video content across both the YouTube, and Google display networks, in a range of different formats. TrueView is one of these formats, which presents the user with options when they view your ad— usually to skip it or not after it’s been playing for five seconds. According to Google (the owners of YouTube), eight out of ten viewers prefer TrueView to other types of in-stream video ad format.

There are four types of TrueView ads: display ads, overlay ads, skippable video ads (skippable after five seconds), and non-skippable ads (up to 30 seconds long). These ads appear in different places, and in slightly different formats, and can be championed to achieve a range of different goals.

Video content is an engaging, interactive way to connect with your audience, and gives you the chance to communicate with them via different types of messaging. It’s a great way to tap into customers at the top of the purchase funnel — that is, those the least aware of what you’re offering, and how it ties into their needs — as a kind of ‘soft sell’ tool. Remarketing via video can help you to push seasonal products, or can be a useful way to demonstrate how a more complex product or service works. After all, visual content has been proven to be far more engaging than its text counterparts.

However, like any paid channel, a video remarketing strategy needs to be viewed as part of wider marketing efforts. It’s not necessarily a direct conversion channel, but sees high engagement, and can influence conversions across other channels. As YouTube is more of an influencer channel than a final converter, it also helps to have an attribution model that doesn’t simply ‘look to the last click’ for answers.

In fact, outside of being a remarketing tool, conversion rates on YouTube are low. Incorporating several channels at once is especially important than for newer brands, as in the first instance, you’ll need to establish awareness and connect with your audience before you can grow.