Google Shopping is a type of paid advertising that displays pictures of your products alongside organic, and paid search results. Google has been placing the results in more and more prominent positions. These campaigns can deliver great ROI, and is often a cheaper alternative to placing ads in regular Google search — between 20-75% cheaper, in fact. The conversion rate it brings in is attractive, too.

Search results on Google Shopping are built in the form of Product Listing Ads, which are a type of ad that show users specific types of information directly relevant to their purchase decision (image, company name, price, promotional message). These help inform the user about what you’re selling from the outset, and can help send more informed traffic your way.

This can help increase the quality of your leads, boost click-through-rates, and exert more control over how your products appear, which ultimately means you’ve got greater control over how much you’re spending: all factors especially important to ecommerce merchants.

As Google Shopping experts, we will set out a strategy for how you can best buy generic levitra online uk take advantage of Google Shopping in line with your own goals. Ongoing optimization on our part will get your products appearing in the top of the search results: it’s essential to track performance of your products over time, and continuously optimise your data quality, to make sure your products are appearing in front of the people who are most interested in them. Best practices, such as running search query reports, or setting up negative keywords, can help make sure your ads are appearing against the right queries.

The great thing about Google Shopping is that you can appear for a broader range of search terms without incurring a higher cost per click, which means lots of exposure for your products.

If you’re an ecommerce merchant, Google Shopping is a channel that can sit at the heart of your digital marketing strategy — especially when it only looks set to become more and more prominent in search results.