SEO is no longer about how well you can trick Google into thinking your site is worthwhile. ‘Traditional’ ways to get a site to rank — many of which are now called ‘black hat’ tactics — aren’t relevant anymore, and, in fact, will probably see you smacked in the face with a penalty for spammy practice.

There are ways to get your site ‘SEO ready’, which means to remove any factors that might be hindering Google from recognising its relevance. In itself however, this is not enough to maximise your site’s visibility. Good SEO means a strong, ongoing, integrated approach towards a complete digital marketing strategy.

We can teach you all the basic on-site bits you need to know, including technical essentials you’ll need to really get to grips with organic search, but will also hammer home that it’s not all about rankings: that’s just one of many tactics to get eyeballs on content.

In line with a strong on-site content strategy, you’ll need to know how to get the right people talking about your site, in a way that your audience will hear. This is called off-site SEO, and we’ll break down the process and strategy behind it: including how to build natural links, and basic PR skills you’ll need to identify opportunity, and pursue it in the right way. All of our training programmes are bespoke, and are best designed if you come to us with questions, so we can build training sessions around what you really need.

SEO is a long game: if you lots of work in fits and starts, you’d be better off doing nothing, really. A clever campaign can get you rankings and visits but when it stops, what then? We’re quite open and honest, and will clearly explain the different factors affecting your SEO, as well as both their short, and long term impacts.

We can help! To discuss SEO training, please get in touch.