As you all know, one of the staples of good PR is having an abundance of contacts in the press. These relationships often take time to build up, but when done properly, it means that you can get the relevant and important coverage you need to increase both your brand awareness and traffic to your site.

Part of our PR offering is sending our targeted press releases to the relevant journalists who work in a specific space. We work with press across online, regional, and national publications and have access to journalists in every sector within the UK. Due to our relationships with key members of the press, we have gained coverage in prestigious publications including The Sunday Times and The Guardian. Luckily, we enjoy nothing more than reaching out to them to collaborate on a new project. Coverage in a good publication is a huge selling point for a company. You can’t put a price on good brand awareness.

When working with the press on behalf of a brand, there are several things that we look for to ensure that we will be getting the most out of the relationship. We factor in the publication’s readership, find out their age demographic, gender, and location to ensure that they are in line with the brand’s audience. What has the journalist written about before and are they well regarded in that particular sector? We also look at their online presence. Do they have a good online following? What do audiences engage with their content? Do they post the same content across all their social platforms? These are all important factors in determining a publication’s value to a brand.

Digital PR is all about improving a brand’s reputation both online and in the eyes of their audience, which means that these relationship’s with journalists can be pure gold dust. We are always looking for new angles on a story to pitch out to new publications, as diversity on a subject helps to place the brand as an expert and an authority within their space.

At Curated, in true PR fashion, talking to someone over the phone comes as second nature to us. So if you want to know a bit more of just fancy a chat, then get in touch!