Whether you’ve got an exciting new product launch coming up, or a shiny new website ready to go live, you’ll want to shout about it across the web. Digital PR is brilliant way of getting the word out. Launches are undoubtedly an exciting time for any business: a new product can give you that boost of brand awareness you’ve been wanting, and a new website is a great tool to kick on with lead generation. The key thing though is to put together a complete, integrated, and unique digital marketing strategy before you embark on any kind of launch — even the soft ones.

So how do you do this? Well, at Curated, we focus on multichannel strategies where each channel works together towards a common goal, using specific messaging and tone. Within this, digital PR is essential.

When launching something, the first question you need to answer is: why do people need to know about this new launch? Why should they care?

Our job is to answer both of those questions by creating unique stories, and then shouting about them to relevant websites and news publications. It’s a fine art to get people excited about something they don’t yet know anything about, but luckily, we’re champions at it.

The key is to level with people based on what we know they’re interested in. You wouldn’t promote a product to people you weren’t sure had a need for it, and you certainly wouldn’t use language they’d find strange.

It’s also really worth considering holding events; especially if it’s a product launch. At Curated, we have great relationships with influencers within a given market, and inviting these key players to a launch event can really help with getting the word out. Not only do they represent a new audience for you, but their followers will invest and trust the products they’re shouting about.

Essentially, your new product or website is an extension of your business, so when talking about it offsite, it has to convey the same brand messaging. Little aspects such as these all fit into wider SEO and creative strategies.

We love being out there and promoting new products and businesses to the world. So if you want to get the word out on something new, get in touch, and we’ll see what we can do.