Video has now set up shop in the majority of creative content strategies. No matter how well crafted your longform is, consumers have made it clear: they are hungry for video content and content marketers the world over are rushing to meet the need.

When considering an overall content strategy, think of video marketing as your opening act. It’s the keys in Baba O’riley: the bit everyone knows and loves. It’s the hook that tantalises your readership, boosts engagement with your material, and lends authority to your message.

Our first and most important step when creating a new piece of video content is identifying and understanding our audience — who are we targeting and why? These questions are fundamental to our process; it’s our way of guaranteeing there’s an actual appetite for what we make. We then consider how our material needs to reflect their priorities, as well as how the video will tie into an overall goal, before we get to work storyboarding the project in advance.

There’s an oft-quoted statistic that you need to grab your viewer’s attention within the first 10 seconds of your video. This thought process is borne from the fact that audience engagement decreases exponentially as the length of the video increases, which is especially the case when promoting via social media. Over social, your content has to fight selfies and cat memes for your viewer’s attention.

With this in mind, we take a targeted approach to video content: making it tight, lean, and optimised so it’s fit for battle in the social media arena.

Your video will differ in nature and length depending on where it will appear. Over Facebook, the sweet spot for engagement is about 30 seconds to a minute; for an educational video that teaches a skill, you might need a full 10 minutes. This is where our propensity for audience and trend research proves instrumental in communicating our message in precisely the right way.

Sound like it could work for you? Great! Give us a call and let’s see how we can help your video presence to grow.