You might be sitting on the best-written article known to the internet, but if it appears on a site that is poorly laid out, or in a way that is indigestible, it’s unlikely anyone is going to read it. Whilst we’re editorial specialists, we recognise how important it is to present your content properly: whether that’s how your site is structured, how articles link internally to each other, or the types of accompanying images and other media you use. All of these factors impact how someone experiences your site, which, in turn, will affect what they are able to get out of your content.
How content sits in relation to your site structure is crucial in helping forge a logical user journey through the information you already have, or are planning to put on your site.

For instance, consider if you’ve got a range of different products you’d like to list on your site. You’ve grouped them into verticals: let’s say jewellery, bags, iphone cases. Having a piece of introductory text on each of these category pages will give your site a ‘voice’, that will work to guide your reader through the section. This buy levitra online uk type of content (which often appears on landing pages) can also help point the reader in the direction to get more specific information about something they’re interested in, which in this case might be on a type of bag suited to a certain occasion, or jewellery made a certain way. The alternative? Expect someone to scroll through pages of product thumbnails, and stay equally attentive with each click. Good luck with that.

Having the right images to accompany an article also has a keen impact on how someone considers, enjoys, and remembers the words themselves. It’s true that visual impact of a picture is immediately more arresting than that of an article, and can convey, and ‘prime’ and audience to feel a certain way before they launch into your first paragraph. We’ve got plenty of resources at our disposal to source images on your behalf, or lay down some guidelines in line with your wider content strategy to help you find, and publish the right ones.

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