‘Sticky’, otherwise known as ‘evergreen’, or ‘cornerstone’ content, is a type of informational content that is designed to help guide the user through your site, and answer questions they have in relation to the product or service you’re offering. It’s called ‘sticky’ because of the timeless value it’s able to offer a reader, and so, ‘sticks’ to a website.

This type of content is in demand, not only because it directly answers a reader’s question, but because it taps into long-tail search volume — longer search phrases that are variations of the same, basic query. This type of search volume accounts for a near 70% of all web traffic. Yum.

For instance, if you were selling vegan food products, long-tail searches might be ‘find vegan food,’ ‘vegan snacks’, ‘what can vegans snack on’, ‘help finding vegan snacks’, etc. In this case, a sticky piece about the different benefits of vegan products you sell would be directly useful to these readers.

In terms of on-site content, sticky content will form the ‘meat’ of your strategy, and will be drawn from extensive audience research that uncovers the sorts of questions your audience are asking: what is it that they want, and need to know about your product or service? We’ll look at search volumes for different keyword phrases, and take a look at how competitors are, or aren’t servicing those needs. We’ll apply editorial analysis to consider language used in these sorts of discussions, and come up with titles that are optimised by theme, rather than keyword (we write for people, not bots!).

Sticky content helps inform your audience in a gradual, logical way, by bringing them genuinely relevant information that we know they’re interested in. The more they read, the more they are clued up about what you can offer them, and, crucially, how it can help. As well as building up credibility and trust of your brand as a voice of authority in the area, you’re helping push your audience closer to the point where they’ll actually decide to engage with your product or service.

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