Outreach is the process of promoting your own site to others across the web as part of digital PR activity. A key goal of outreach is to gain a relevant, quality link from a website to yours, that cites, features, or mentions your brand within an editorial context. This process has been for many years referred to as ‘linkbuilding’, and it is critical to your SEO strategy.

Linkbuilding is not just about placing a piece of content on someone else’s site for the sake of getting a link, although crudely, that may seem the crux of it. It’s about understanding not only when to get in touch with someone and start a conversation about your site (and ideally convince them to feature it), but also how you’ll approach them. For instance, you might offer them the chance to run a competition on their site, feature an article by one of your experts, or include a quote from them in one of their feature pieces. Knowing which to pick calls on a sharp editorial eye, and skill in conveying value.

Websites want content, and plenty of it. So much so that content has now gone beyond the title of ‘king’ — the web is bursting at the seams with it. However, the key aim of building links is to drive new traffic to your website, and this ‘en masse’ content on the web will only prove difficult to penetrate when actually reaching your specific audience. As a result, it’s not profitable to outreach recyclable, low-quality content. It has to have value, relevance, and character — you should be outreaching with an asset, not just a collection of words that kind-of, sort-of reference your product or service.

Treat your outreach strategy how you would treat your on-site content plan. For on-site, you have multiple types of content, from ‘sticky’ or ‘evergreen’ content, to blog posts; you name it. That diversity is crucial in keeping your readership engaged, and interested in what you have to say. This same mindset should be applied to outreach: you need new, fresh angles to pitch with, as well as content that’s genuinely interesting.

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