Our content team at Curated are all writers by blood: we’ve got strong editorial backgrounds, and love getting down and dirty with grammar. But we aren’t experts in everything (we aren’t doctors, or lawyers, or logistics experts), and don’t have enough hours in the day to write each piece of content that needs to be done.

That’s why we’re constantly collating a rota of writers who are experts in their field, that we can call on to write niche, informed, and authoritative content for your brand. Do you need a nutritionist to break down the different ways oestrogen and progesterone might react with long-chain fatty acids? What about a legal specialist who can explain the specific regulations and requirements particular to a type of business deal? If we don’t already have one (we’ve got plenty for the two scenarios above, just FYI), we’ll find one.

When we find the right writer, we write them a bespoke, detailed brief that outlines your audience, brand values, and tone of voice, as well as exactly what we want the article to communicate. A strong brief is the key to a strong piece of content: communicate perfectly what you want someone to feel from a piece of content, and the expert on the receiving side will diligently get to it. We then sub-edit their work in line with your brand voice, and any other considerations we’re working with, to ensure it’s perfectly consistent with our strategy.

Whether it’s copy, content specific to a promotion, or a long-form guide that breaks down a complex concept in its entirety, having an expert write on what they know is an authentic, essential way to gain audience trust and establish authority. Not to mention producing high-quality content that’s factually dense, thought-provoking, and speaks directly to your audience.

Sound good? Drop us a line and let’s talk about how we can work together.