It’s all well and good to have a crop of fantastically-written, informational articles to populate your website, but if the reader doesn’t understand the context they’re meant to sit in, they’re unlikely to understand just how relevant that content is to them. This is where strong blurb content comes to the rescue: they are the ‘guiding voice’ of your site, and help users understand why they’re on a certain page, and where they need to go next to find what they need to.

It might sound basic, but think of it as having a tour guide to help lead you through a library that has thousands of different books. Sure, the sections are labelled, but within that, you’ve got to physically walk along the shelves until you find a title you’re keen on. A website relies on the same principle — you want readers to be able to find what they want, quickly, without having to spend too much time browsing. Blurb content is the helpful signpost that makes sure this is the case.

As well as helping lead readers through your site in a way that they understand, editorially speaking, blurbs act an introduction to your brand voice. It’s a chance to speak to your audience the minute they enter your site, and strike a good first impression. And, as we all know, this chance only comes along once.

Language needs to be on point: you need to speak to your readers not only in a way that they will understand, but in a way that will engage them, and reflect their expectations relating to whatever your product or service is. For instance, if you’re targeting mothers who are looking to buy new prams, you wouldn’t use slang or language that’s overly familiar. If you’re targeting young creatives looking for zany laptop cases, however, you might use both.

The trick, however, is to tie in this knowledge of what’s going to work with your audience with the unique personality of your brand. You want to stand out, but you need to appear in a context your audience recognises. Here’s where our strong editorial prowess can weed you out from the rest. We’d love to let you take advantage of it, so get in touch and let’s talk about what we can do to help you.