Blogs are perhaps the most well-known type of content on the internet. From obnoxious v-loggers to local SME’s, then back to global corporation giants, every digital man and his dog are blogging these days. What this means is that everyone is wising up to the power of well-written blog content, and that there’s more digital noise than ever to cut through. You only need to take a look at the throngs of ‘clickbait’ titles out there (‘Top 278 proven weight-loss chocolate diets’) to see what we mean.

Digital debris aside, blog posts should be a lighter take on more complex topics. They should provide an entry into bigger, meatier conversations relating to your product or service from a broader position of knowledge: that is, to users who are perhaps unfamiliar with what you do, or are generally interested in the topics that relate to it. You want to pique the interest of these people, so that once drawn into what you’re talking about, will stay on your site and read what else you’ve got to say about it.

Blogs are a perfect lead-in to getting eyes on your informational, ‘sticky’ (‘sticky’ because it provides timeless value to the user, and so ‘sticks’ to the site) content, which gives readers more information about what you do, and makes them more likely to engage with what you’re offering.

‘Curated’ content — the name we give to blog posts intended to act as this funnel — creates logical links between blog and sticky content, and points users to longer content on your site that explores a topic in more detail. It’s a great way to draw people onto your site, and lead them into the more complex conversations about what it is you offer. If your on-site content is good, people will read it: that’s a fact. The hard part is getting it in front of them, and having them understand just how useful it is. A lighter lead-in through a blog post is often the hot ticket.

Blog posts are an invaluable way to keep your brand fresh. You’ve got a chance to develop your on-site voice, be reactive to industry trends, offer commentary and thought-leadership, and report news you know you’re audience is keen on. It’s your chance to be creative, and let your audience see your ‘fun’ side. We’re experts in fun, as well as writing and digital strategy.

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