Before we can even think about building a killer content strategy, we need to understand who we’re talking to. Enter: audience research, the meticulous process of finding out exactly who we’d like to target. As well as profiling basic elements of who your audience actually are (i.e. gender, location, age), we need to look deeper into how they think about, and seek information on your product or service. Essentially, we need to know which questions they are asking in relation to what you do, before we can create content perfectly poised to answer them.

We use keyword research and analysis to find out exactly what people are searching for in relation to the products or services that you offer, as well as the types of things they are searching for on competitor sites. We’ll take a look at how your competitors are servicing these needs, and, crucially: how they aren’t. We call this process ‘gap analysis’, and it’s a unique and essential facet to the way we do content strategy.

Gap analysis is our way of making sure that the content we produce is definitely in demand, and perfectly relevant to who we’re talking to. If someone asked you what your favourite football team was, you wouldn’t answer them by talking about your favourite cuts of meat. It’s buy levitra vardenafil exactly the same principle on the internet.

We focus on real need when we come to understand an audience — which is how we’re able to meet those needs once we start actually producing content.

From this initial analysis, we can dig deeper into the exact types of things people are searching for. That’s great that we know they’re interested in sofas, for example, but then what? Are they interested in interior design, how to clean leather sofas, or do they want to know about chaise longues? An insight as broad as ‘sofas’ isn’t going to tell us how we should talk to our audience, and what specific information they are after in relation to it.

We’ll dig deeper until we find out what exactly they need to know in relation to sofas: do they most want help identifying right type of sofa shape for them, or do they want colour and materials advice? These are the sorts of knowledge nuggets that help us to paint a really, really detailed picture of who we’re talking to, so that we can create content we know they’re actually interested in, and have indicated they actually want to read.

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