Search engine optimisation

We understand how Google works, learn how your customers search, and combine the two to develop SEO strategies that deliver.

Starting with your commercial goals, and aligning them with how your customers behave online is rooted at the core of everything we do. After all, how can we grow your bottom line if we don’t get the right customers to your site first?

We believe that SEO is an integral part of digital success, not an add-on or an afterthought. It’s not just a couple of good meta descriptions or a speedy page load time, SEO informs your entire digital footprint — that’s why it needs to be just right.

Our strategies focus on building strong technical foundations, putting you in the best position to be seen by the people who need to. That’s why our frameworks analyse your website from top-to-bottom, to make sure it’s structurally sound before we start implementing fancy tactics.

Our SEO services

With our THINK, DO, REVIEW framework, we’ve developed a three-step strategy for stellar SEO

With our THINK, DO, REVIEW framework, we’ve developed a three-phase strategy for profitable paid campaigns

1. Think

Digital project management

We convert raw ideas from our initial discovery session into an actionable, clear and well-defined SEO plan based on your strategic objective to ensure project integrity.

Technical analysis & optimisation

We take a deep dive into your technical ecosystem and show you the areas for immediate and future growth. From mobile-friendliness and page speed, to browser caching or file compression, we look at all of the technical aspects of your site to put you in the best possible position for search visibility.

Integrated marketing analysis

Our forensic approach creates a unified and seamless experience for your customers. No matter where or how they join your journey, you can be sure they’re presented with the best your brand has to offer.

2. do

Information architecture

IA informs our content strategy by identifying what information is needed by the user (behaviour analysis) in a given context (conversion journey). Putting ourselves in your customer’s shoes, we create the most efficient pathways to get them the essential information.

eCommerce SEO

From WordPress, to Shopify and Magento, our specialists optimise large websites with complex architectures across global regions to create a frictionless customer experience across your marketing channels.

Enterprise marketing strategy

Large businesses need a strong strategy to grow your market share of voice (SOV), drive revenue and maximize conversions across all areas of your customers buying cycle. We leverage SEO and content to position you as a leader within your sector, while delivering strong results.

3. review


Our ongoing SEO consultancy can advise on specific areas to elevate your SEO strategy and provide targeted recommendations for its success.


Great SEO is measurable. Whether it’s tracking organic visibility, conversion rates or website traffic, we measure progress, show value, and identify actionable steps to improve marketing performance and meet your goals

Our proven SEO strategy delivers measurable results
to support your business' KPIs

Growing online presence with Chesneys

Using SEO to drive leads and boost organic visibility across the web.

Driving leads abroad with Specsavers Opticas

Using paid channels, content and SEO to bring Specsavers to the Spanish market.

Increasing revenue with Become Clothing

Using technical SEO to increase organic visibility.

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